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Church News Archives - 2013 Major Exterior Refurbishment
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After   more   than   3   years   in   the   planning,   the   major   works   finally   started   on   the   refurbishment   of   the   Church   building   in   July   2013.     With   the   help   of   grants   from   the   Lottery   Heritage   Fund,   Historic   Scotland,   the   General   Trustees’   Fabric   Committee   of   the   Church of      Scotland,   All   churches   Trust   Ltd,   The   Baird   Trust,   Scottish   Churches   Architectural   Heritage   Trust,   we   were   able   to   add   to   the funds raised by our own efforts and have this major refurbishment carried out.  The   works   took   about   24   weeks   and   ware   completed   at   the   end   of   December   2013.   It   included   complete   re-slating   of   the   roof.   We     had   been   selling   sponsor-a-slate   certificates   which   raised   over   £200.         Other   works   included   the   re-pointing   of   all   the   joints   in   the stonework,   the   replacement   of   worn   out   stone   and   the   renewal   of      flashings   throughout.   And   finally,   the   part   that   people   see   -   the repainting   of   the   walls   with   specialist   breathable      paint   and   the   re-guilding   of   the   clock   face.      With   the   church   being   an   ‘A-Grade’ listed   historic   building,   all   the   work   had   to   be   carried      out   by   approved   methods   to   bring   it   back   to   near   it’s   original   state   as possible. Specialist      company   LTM   Group   Ltd   from   Stirling   were   awarded   the   contract   and   the   company   have      carried   out   similar   work   on many   historic   buildings.   LTM   were   an   excellent   Company   to   work   with   and   we   can   recommend   them   for   any   similar   works elsewhere.
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