Glenaray and Inveraray
Church News Archives - 2010
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 16th April 2010 saw the first Church Dance for many years. It was a family night which everyone enjoyed
On Good Friday, 2nd April 2010, the service took the form of a Tenebrae Service
On   30th   May   2010,   Auchindrain   Township   was the   venue   for   ‘Songs   of   Praise.   With   members   of all   the   local   Churches   attending,   it   was   a   very nice evening of song (and no midges!)
Armistice Service was held on November 14th following the wreath laying ceremony at the cenotaph
Summer    Exhibition    and    Sale    Our    Summer Exhibition      and      sale      which      takes      place annually     during     the     months     of     July     and August    is    now    over    and    has    been    a    great success.   This   is   our   main   fund-raising   event each   year   and   the   exhibition   provides   to   the visitor,   an   excellent   snapshot   of   the   Town   of Inveraray   past   and   present.   We   have   raised over   £6000   and   would   like   to   express   a   big thanks    to    all    organisers,    contributors    and customers
   In   September   2010,   the   Church   was   lined   with   scaffolding   on   both   elevations   to allow   for   urgent   repair   work   to   be   carried   out   on   the   gutters   and   downpipes   and the    repainting    of    the    windows.    As    the    Church    is    an    ‘A-listed’    building,    the windows   had   to   be   painted   with   a   lead   based   paint   as   specified   by   Scottish Heritage.   The   outside   of   the   Church   is   badly   needing   painted,   but   again   we   have to   coat   it   with   lime   wash   as   it   is   not   permitted   to   use   modern   paints.   We   have applied   to   Scottish   Heritage   for   funding   for   this   major   work   and   it   is   likely   to have   to   suffer   another   year   of   weather   damage   before   the   funding   becomes available, which is very unfortunate
December saw carol singing at the door of the Church and many members of the public joined in.
The Sunday Club Christmas Service was held in the hall and the children took part in the ‘XMAS FACTOR’  with performances by Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men and many others. They were judged by the usual well known judges
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